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Interested in the

competition team?


Dancer Placement Form
Due May 5th, 2023

Dancers interested in being apart of the JPJ competition team won’t have a traditional tryout for team placement. Instead the dancers will be evaluated by the JPJ instructors during ballet, technique and other various classes they take over the summer months. Dancers are encouraged to take advantage of the many classes we offer this summer. 

Placement is also based on the interest listed on the placement form as well as interest from others.
Group placement - dancers will be evaluated on conformity to style, ability to learn, attention to detail, execution, projection, versatility and performance.


There will be 3 competitions listed as mandatory where the whole studio will attend + 1 nationals event


The remaining competitions/conventions will be optional, and duo/trio/group dances attending will be based on who is able to attend. (a minimum of 7 dancers must be signed up in order for us to attend the optional competitions) 


When it comes to conventions, we list many options for us to attend.


If there is a convention that is not listed, I ask that you first inform me if you plan attend so that I am able to give the opportunity to others as well.


If attending a convention separate from the JPJ convention list, dancers may only attend it as CONVENTION ONLY.

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